Squirrel Proof Pumpkins

I love the big beautiful orange pumpkins that pop up everywhere this time of year. The past few years I have even put them out on my front porch. Telling the neighborhood “Look at me! I like Halloween! And decorating! And pumpkins!” The only problem…the demon neighborhood squirrels feel the same way about big orange pumpkins. When they are not busy terrorizing my dog… or dropping garbage throughout my yard… or trying to make a nice home for the winter in my attic (story for another day), they enjoy feasting on nice juicy Halloween pumpkins.

My plan this year was to either buy some fake pumpkins (funkins) or make some of my own. That is, until I went on a walk around the hood last week and spotted not only the usual squirrel destroyed genuine pumpkins, but also funkins with their styrofoam innards strewn across porches. Turns out you can’t outsmart these squirrels, because they are realllll dumb.

Then, I saw a genius neighbor with metal jack-o-laterns. I liked the idea of these “squirrel proof” pumpkins but they looked like they cost money; something I am extremely averse to. So I decided to try my hand at making some metal ¬†pumpkins of my own.

For this super duper awesome project you will need:

Bailing wire (you can find it in the fence section at hardware stores)

Wire Cutters

Thin pliable wire (I used floral wire)

An idea of what a pumpkin looks like

1. Cut 6 equal size lengths of bailing wire. You can judge the size by holding the ends together in a circle and seeing if that suits your fancy.

(NOTE: bailing wire is dirty and covered in some sort of black oil. You will look and smell like a diesel mechanic. Do not do this in a white evening gown or on a white rug).

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

2. Using the thin wire, secure the strips of bailing wire together by wrapping the middle.

3. Bring ends of wire together bending at angle at the top. This will become the stem. Secure together with thin wire.

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

4. Bend the wires out to make a circle “pumpkinish” shape.

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

5. Take a long piece of bailing wire and twist it around the loose ends to make a chunky stem.

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

6. Shape your pumpkin!¬†To make it look less like a weird ball of coat hangers and more like a pumpkin — bend the wires down and then up around the stem. Push the bottom center up a little. I then flattened my sides a little. But pumpkins come in all shapes and sizes so this is up to your creative little heart.

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

7. Enjoy your amazing squirrel proof wire pumpkin!

I wrapped one of my pumpkins in orange Halloween lights.

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

wire pumpkin ashandorange.wordpress.com

Other cool things to do with these wire pumpkins would be: spray paint them, wrap it with ribbon or yarn, put a candle in it. The possibilities are endless!

Thanks squirrels! Without you I would have never been inspired to make pumpkins out of bailing wire and share it with the internetz. Enjoy your fresh pumpkins and funkins throughout the neighborhood.