Basement Reno: Week 12

We’re in the home stretch of the renovation! Our contractor was here all week 12 and lots got done. Most notably the egress window! The window was cut out of the foundation, and a well dug the first week of the project. That means it has sat there for 11 weeks untouched. Most of the time covered by a too small piece of plywood. We are ecstatic to have a proper well in!

Day 64: No work, except for me painting trim until my hand is numb.

Day 65: Contractor installs steel egress well. Installs all door knobs. Installs cement board window jamb for shower window.

Installs sliding doors to utility room.

Plumber starts to install toilet and sink faucet.


Day 66: Plumber finishes installing the toilet, faucet and shower.



Contractor finishes egress window. Fills bottom of well with pea gravel. Back fills around well with dirt. Trims out window.


Egress window outside


and from the inside

Contractor tiles shower window.

Day 67: Contractor grouts shower window.

Day 68: No work.

Over the long weekend, I primed and painted all the baseboards and door trim. I’m trying to get anything that will come in contact with the carpet painted before carpet install this week.


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