Basement Reno: Week 11

Week 11 was the best one yet. The main contractor was here working. He works really fast and does good work. This is what I was expecting from the contractor when I hired him. I’m putting week 11 down as a win!

Day 57-58: No work

Day 59: Contractor finishes installing baseboard and door trim. Digs out egress well a foot more. Changes out egress slider window for a casement window. Trims out inside of egress window. Installs floating vanity.



Day 60: Windows jambs and window trim are installed. We chose simple craftsman trim to match the upstairs and the laundry room trim.


Day 61: Mirror and vanity light installed in bathroom. Heat register covers installed.


Plumber’s helper shows up to install bathroom fixtures. Doesn’t know that the water has to be shut off to cut pipes. Minor bathroom flood but does get shower valve and trim in. There is never a dull moment with these “plumbers”.

Day 62: We spackle nail holes in window trim. Caulk all window trim. Put second coat of paint on ceiling and touch up wall paint.

Day 63: More caulking, I’m pretty sure we will never be done caulking. Prime most of the window jambs. Paint door jambs and part of doors so hardware can be installed.



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