Basement Reno: Week 10

Week 10 was a mix of emotions. I’m excited and happy that things are really starting to come together but pretty frustrated. Our project was supposed to take 8-10 weeks. 10 being the absolute most. It looks like there will be at least 2-3 more weeks and I am just ready for it to be over. But on the bright side… a lot happened in week 10!

Day 51: Another window installed. Contractor’s partner starts installing door trim.

Day 52: More door trim and starts on baseboard trim.

Day 53: Baseboard trim. Electrician starts installing outlets and light fixtures.

Day 54: Contractor finishes almost all the baseboard trim and starts putting in window jambs.

Day 55: No work, but contractor’s partner does take all his tools with him and cleans up a bit.

Day 56: Electrician unexpectedly shows up on Saturday morning to finish connecting the new electrical to the box and about 4 hours later we have electricity! Not only has the basement not had any electricity, but since part of the upstairs was connected to old basement wiring we didn’t have electric in some of the upstairs for the past 8 weeks. We were pretty happy!

Not much to show in pictures for week 10, but it’s really starting to look finished down there. Also having electricity and functioning windows is amazing and wonderful! Just in case anyone didn’t know that…





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