Basement Reno: Week 7

Week 7 has been the week of drywall finishing. Everything is covered in an amazing amount of white dust. I’m not even sure where it comes from. As you can tell it’s fascinating.

Day 33: Drywall finishers come back and do a second coat of mud. It looks way worse than the first coat and I start to have a minor freak out. Another guy comes to finish installing laundry room ceiling. He hangs one sheet and then everyone leaves: ceiling still not finished.

Day 34: Drywall finishers come at 7 a.m. and tell me they will be spraying the drywall texture. Keep in mind the walls look like total crap. Cue major freak out. Call the contractor and let him know he has to get here immediately. Turns out drywall guys were not doing any texture, just sanding and doing a third coat of mud. So I look like a bit of a jackass and my contractor now fully believes I’m insane. Also get a long lecture from contractor about “trusting the process” and that everyone is really busy and life as a contractor is very hard in such a great construction boom. My heart aches for him.

Day 35: Decide the walls look really good already and that I don’t want orange peel texture sprayed. Drywall guy says it will be another $2500 for smooth walls. We find a middle ground: one more coat of mud over any imperfections and no extra charge. We take on the liability of it not looking perfect after we get paint up. Cross fingers.

Drywall in laundry was not hung because they figured we want our electrical run through the exterior wall to the box before they hang drywall over it. What a novel idea! I brought this up to the contractor last week and nothing as done about it but this week after I asked, he called the electrician. Electrician comes over first thing and spends 15 minutes running wires to the outside.

Finish guys come back and do another coat of mud. Patch guy comes and finishes hanging laundry ceiling and drywall under stairs. Patches any holes created by electrician in stairwell.

Clean up guy comes and takes any scrap as well as cleaning all the joint compound drips and puddles off the floor.

Day 36: No work.

Day 37: Contractor comes to check out drywall job. Agrees that it needs a good sanding and calls drywall guy. Drywall guy sends the project manager over with a 4 inch sanding sponge. He sands for 20 minutes and leaves. Looks as it did before he got there.

I’m so sick of dealing with these guys that I decide I’ll just sand myself. One of the poorer choices Ive made in my life. After 6 hours of sanding it looks pretty good and is ready for paint.

Day 38: We prime the hallway and ceilings with Kilz PRO-X PVA primer for new drywall. It goes on pale gray and dries chalky white. Color change =Tons-o-fun!

Day 39: Finish priming the rest of basement. Test out 3 colors: Benjamin Moore China White, Moonlight White and Glacier White. China white is too beige, and the other two are too yellow. So we are back to the drawing board or paint chip board. White paint is harddddd.

And some pics:

The hallway before primer:


And view back at the hall from the great room:


Great room with primer:


Great room after a coat of primer:


It’s really starting to look like a finished basement! Next up: deciding on a paint color and painting and the contractor is going to start on the bathroom tile.


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