Basement Reno: Week 6

Day 27: Monday-Contractor makes mistake scheduling insulation inspection for a second time. No work.

Day 28: Insulation inspection finally happens. Contractor plays plumber for the day and moves a pipe into the ceiling in preparation for drywall. Also installs blocking to support floating vanity in bathroom. Doesn’t turn water back on to check for leaks. I notice one leak in the newly replaced pipe.

Day 29: Drywall is installed. Installers can not finish because of another leak in the newly replaced pipe.

Day 30: Contractor comes in the afternoon to fix his “handywork” on the pipes. He replaces all the leaky joints with compression (no solder) fittings. Everyone collectively cross your fingers that they hold. Another guy comes from the drywall company. He and his kid haul off the scrap from the installers. He also installs corner bead and Hardibacker cement board for the shower (some in mosaic pieces). No one comes to finish installing drywall ceiling.

Day 31: Drywall screw inspection happens despite the drywall not fully installed. Inspector takes no note of the laundry room ceiling being 3/4 exposed and happily signs off the inspection. (Permits are a total joke and I will never permit a project again).

Day 32: Saturday- Drywall finishers show up at 7 am. Tape and mud drywall. It looks terrible and I’m hoping things get better after this first coat. I also notice that finishers tape the cement board in the shower with paper tape and joint compound. And drywall ceiling in laundry is still not up.

Drywall in bedroom/office 2:


View from bottom of stairs looking towards living room:


Living room and wide doorway to office:


Looking back at the living room from the office:

doorwk6You can really see where the soffit goes up a little to not block the doorway in this pic.

And last but not least…the wonderfully crappy cement board installation:

cementboardNote how the cement board doesn’t even continue to the shower pan (bottom right corner). Nor does it cover the lip of the shower pan like it should. Contractor promises to fix this. I feel like I’ve heard that before…

So onto week 7 we move. I think we’re in for a lot of drywall finishing which means lots-o-dust, but one step closer to a finished space!


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