Basement Reno: Week 5

All the inspections for the different systems (electrical, plumbing, and HVAC) as well as framing and fireproofing inspections had to be done this past week and it was thrilling.

Day 22: We have a meeting with our contractor about the issues we have with the project (mainly the HVAC trunk soffit I mentioned in my last post). He is very understanding and promises to fix those problems. Plumber installs cast iron shower pan. Pretty sure both he and contractor were cursing the day of my birth. Plumbing passes rough inspection. Electrical passes rough inspection.

Day 23: Mechanical inspection. Everything passes except the inspector wants us to vent our hot water heater to the exterior since it is next to a “bedroom”. Problem is 1. I don’t want to pay $2000 to replace a perfectly good water heater with a new high efficiency direct vent model. and 2. We are not planning on using that as a bedroom…ever. We didn’t even put in a closet. Our contractor hopes that they can change the plans to say that it will be an office and all will be well in the world.

Day 24: Framing inspection. Inspector wants everything spray foamed before he will approve. Inspection is rescheduled for the next day. Contractor spray foams all penetrations in framing. Builds a huge square soffit. This guy loves huge square soffits.

Day 25: Framing passes inspection. Approach contractor about making huge square soffit into an angled soffit. He’s not happy. I wish these guys would just ask “Is this how you want it?” before building a bunch of stuff and then being pissed when we tell them we don’t like a soffit with 5’8″ head clearance. End rant. He changed it to an angled soffit and it looks great and functions great. Happy ending. HVAC guys come back and fix trunk line with low head clearance. Big lesson of the reno: Don’t be afraid to ask. The worse thing they can say is no. R-19 fiberglass bat insulation is installed.

Day 26: Contractors finish installing insulation. The insulation inspection gets screwed up and is delayed till the next business day (Monday). Contractors clean up mess and remove any remaining plaster and lathe. Plumber comes to finish shower drain. Drywall is delivered and it is quite the process. They come in a huge boom truck with a crane and magically get it into the house without destroying any trees or garages in the process.

Photographic proof of progress follows:

The great room from the hallway:


The fixed and 3″ higher (in the door way) HVAC trunk line:


The bathroom from the “office” looking into what used to be “bedroom” but will now be “office 2”.


The new enameled cast iron shower pan. Oooooh shiny!


Looking back towards the bath from office 2:

bedbath2wk5You can see my favorite new angled soffit in the upper right.

Hopefully insulation will pass inspection tomorrow and drywall will start on Tuesday! It’s about to look a whole lot different down there.


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