June Garden 2015

I haven’t posted in a while. I was meaning to post regularly about my basement renovation that was set to begin in February. That reno never started and we parted ways with the contractor we were using. We found a new contractor and demo started this week so hopefully I will have some basement posts soon.

Meanwhile, the garden has been attempting to grow through abnormally cold temps and flooding rain storms.

We changed the layout of the garden this year. We built one large bed (12′ x 3′) on the north side of the garden to replace the three small beds. Pretty much everything, from tomatoes to herbs, love this part of the garden, so I figured one large bed would best utilize the garden space.

On the south side of the garden we also went down to one larger (3′ x 4′) bed, with a potting bench next to the compost bin. We built the potting bench out of scrap cedar (left over from our fence) and the remnants of the old smaller raised beds.

The new beds are also built out of 5.5″ fence pickets like we did in the past.

In the large bed I planted three tomato varieties (Sun Sugar yellow, Black Cherry, and Tami G), one jalapeno plant, two zucchini plants (from seed), cilantro (from seed), rosemary and basil. I added some marigolds and sweet alyssum for pest protection and ground cover.

raised garden bed ashandorange.wordpress.com

On the east edge of the bed I planted Kentucky Wonder green beans from seed. I used a branch that fell from our huge maple as a trellis.

greenbeans ashandorange.wordpress.com

We have perennial flowers along the garden fence. The delphinium is really putting on a show this year.

Delphinium ashandorange.wordpress.com

In the smaller beds I planted kale from seed and the seedlings appeared but cold temps and flooding rains ruined them. I just sowed another 2 rows so I’ll cross my fingers I have some kale this summer.


The potting bench has been really nice to have and I love that we built it all from scrap.

The temperatures are finally getting really hot, so the tomatoes, zucchini, and beans are taking off. We should have quite the harvest this year!


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