July Garden

It’s pretty wild the difference a month makes. Almost everything starts to take off when the temps reach the 90s.

july garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

I am going to go through the garden bed by bed, like I did in my June garden post.

Bed 1: Still a little sad…A rogue tomato is growing strong. The sweet peas that I planned to grow up my dead stick structure never did very well. They are dying, along with the bachelor buttons. Bachelor buttons don’t love the heat and started to look very scraggly in late June. I took most of the bigger plants out. New seedlings are already appearing so there will probably be pretty blue flowers again this fall.

Bed 2: This is where the party is at.

raised veg bed ashandorange.wordpress.com

Both tomato plants are huge! Looks like we will have plenty of tomatoes this year. The Indigo Rose variety has lots of plump round fruit. The blue color is already present and now we’re just waiting for the green to change to ripe red. The other plant is even bigger and had lots of little grape tomatoes. We have only had two ripe enough to eat and they were delicious.

indigo rose tomato ashandorange.wordpress.com

The jalapeno plant is also growing well, and we have the start of little peppers.

The zucchini is insane. I swear it grows a foot a day and has already produced a single delicious squash that I devoured immediately after taking this picture.

zucchini ashandorange.wordpress.com

Bed 3: The herbs. Just like the tomatoes, the basil loves the heat. Pesto anyone? The thyme is growing strong. The rosemary and lavender have not grown much but the lavender started blooming this week.

herb bed ashandorange.wordpress.com

Bed 4: The sweet peas look better here than their friends in Bed 1, but still nothing to write home about (or on a blog about). The rogue snapdragons are blooming and very pretty as well as some marigolds that came up from seed.

snapdragon ashandorange.wordpress.com

Bed 5: Oh kale yeah! Lots and lots of kale. The zucchini plant is not growing fast here, I figure not enough sun. The parsley looks great. The cilantro sprouted leaves and immediately went to seed.

kale raised bed ashandorange.wordpress.com

Bed 6: In early July the delphinium bloomed and it was BEAUTIFUL. By now all the blooms are spent, but the plant itself is still big and green.

delphinium ashandorange.wordpress.com

And lastly, it must be July because the cosmos are blooming. I planted seeds in the spring and all the cosmos bright orange faces are popping up around the garden.

cosmo ashandorange.wordpress.comHappy summer and happy gardening!


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