June Garden

Our garden is back in bloom after an incredibly cold winter and some severe spring weather (10″ of snow and some golfball hail).

For anyone who is new to this party: We fenced off and then built this raised bed garden last year. It did really well last summer and hopefully we will have great results again this year.

full garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

I kept the layout of the beds pretty much the same this year. It helped that some of the plants are perennials and came back in the same spot for me.

Here’s a little sketch of the garden beds:

garden sketch ashandorange.wordpress.com

*Just in case anyone wants to know: Beds 2,4, and 5 are three feet square. Beds 1 and 3 and two feet by three feet. Bed 6 is two feet square.

Bed 1: Doesn’t really have much going on at the moment. I was kind of waiting to see what would come up, and the answer is not much. I planted some sweet peas (purple circles) that I am training to go up some dead sticks. Right now it looks a little crazy, and it might still look crazy when the sweet peas grow. We will just have to wait and see.

Bed 2: Two cherry tomato varieties: Indigo Rose and Grape Tami G (red circles). A jalapeno pepper (neon green). Two zucchini plants (large green circles). And the pink circle is my lovely little pink flower that comes back every year. I have no idea what it is. I also planted a few marigolds. They are pretty and most bad bugs don’t like them. Hopefully they will protect the other plants.

Bed 3: The herb bed. Currently growing lavender (purple circle) and german thyme (dark green circles) that both survived the winter. And I just planted a rosemary and a few basil plants.

garden beds ashandorange.wordpress.com

Bed 4: Much like his friend Bed 1, does not have much going on. Some rogue snap dragons (coral circles), a perennial delphinium (blue circle), and again some sweet peas (purple circles) growing up dead sticks.

Bed 5: I planted rows of kale seeds in April and they are doing great. They were badly battered after the May hail but have recovered nicely. I also planted some parsley and cilantro seeds at the corners. And right now there is nothing in the middle, but I am planning on adding a zucchini (the big green circle). We really like zucchini around here.

garden kale ashandorange.wordpress.com

Bed 6: I planted a delphinium last year and it came back HUGE. The plant took up the entire 2 foot bed. Then the hail came and ripped through most of its leaves. But the plant survived and looks like it will bloom pretty soon here. There are also some volunteer snap dragons and bachelor buttons.

The big irregular blue areas in the sketch are all bachelor buttons that came up all around the garden, from last years bachelor button seeds. They took quite a beating from a late season snow storm and again the hail. But they have recovered nicely with a little human assistance. I tied them to tomato cages to give a little support.

*A word of warning to any super type A gardeners: Both snap dragons and bachelor buttons are amazing self seeders. If you do not want tons of these flowers EVERYWHERE, either do not plant them or snip off the spent flowers before the spew their tiny seeds everywhere.

So that’s the June garden. I’ll update again in July, hopefully while munching on some juicy tomatoes.


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