The Nook: Part II

I posted about the kitchen nook two years ago, and I am now very ashamed that it took me two years to actually finish it. We finished half the nook with the kitchen renovation but the wall opposite the countertop sat unfinished…until now!

We originally planned to do the same open shelving we had done on the other side. But, we had trouble finding the studs in our 100 year old plaster walls and were generally worn out on anything to do with updating a kitchen.

I ended up buying some cheap Ikea metal shelves. They worked okay but weren’t very stable on the unlevel floors and the bottom two shelves were basically useless because they are within snout reach of our dog.

So after two years of staring at those wobbly, dog hair covered metal shelves I could take no more.  I decided it was time for some out-of-dog-reach, attached-to-studs, matching shelving to go up.

I actually managed to find the studs with a stud finder (shock #1), and they were on 16″ centers (shock #2). I placed the shelves at the same height as the shelving on the opposite wall to make everything nice and symmetrical. I used the same Ikea Ekby Valter brackets (painted white), and 1×12 pine boards also painted white.

kitchen nook open shelves

I’m so happy to finally check these shelves off my list.

kitchen nook open shelves

Finishing the nook involved more than just the shelves. I also had to finish painting the ceiling, touch up the wall paint, paint the trim, and add shoe molding the the baseboards. It feels so good to not stare at all those unfinished projects everyday.

By adding a stool we can also using the nook as an extra eating area. I just pull out the kitchen cart and voila little breakfast nook for one (or two if I get another stool).

kitchen  nook

We debated adding one more lower shelf but decided to leave it as-is for now.

The other “original” side of the nook  looks pretty much the same as it did two years ago with the exception of a new kitchen aid mixer and toaster oven.

kitchen nook

After living with this kitchen for two years we are still really happy we decided to keep the nook and not just blow out the wall and continue on the kitchen. It serves multiple purposes (pantry, prep space, baking space, eat-in area) and adds some much loved character to the house.


Wall paint: Glidden Antique Beige, satin finish

Trim paint: Benjamin Moore Advance paint in Super White, satin finish

Cabinets: UltraCraft Cabinetry, Destiny Line, Shaker Style, in Arctic White Maple

Countertops: Ikea Numerar in Oak (discontinued, Akerby in oak is a good substitute)

Shelf Brackets: Ikea Ekby Valter 11″ in birch, painted white

Kitchen Cart: Ikea Bekvam painted with Behr Spring Stream

Stool: Target Carlisle Metal Counter Stool in Grey


2 thoughts on “The Nook: Part II

  1. Very late to the game but…wow. My 20’s home still has the nook with the original built in uncomfortable benches/tables long gone. The fir floor runs through as well. Love that you made the nook work for you. I think I may pull the benches and run a bar hight counter on one side. Dog bowls below. Thank you for making me think outside the box.

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