Let There Be Lights

The bedroom has been getting lots of attention lately. First a new rug, then a headboard, and now some lights.

brass bedside sconces ashandorange.wordpress.comI wanted sconces instead of lamps to free up some of the very limited nightstand space.

I liked the idea of library sconces with adjustable arms. But they are too big (both visually and physically) for our small bedroom and nightstands, as well as being crazy expensive.

I obsessively searched for inexpensive brass sconces, found nothing, considered making my own, and finally found some $20 brass spotlights at Target when I should have been buying milk. In my defense, the lights are pretty close to the milk.

brass sconces ashandorange.wordpress.com

These lights are perfect. They are small so they don’t overwhelm the nightstands. They swivel 360 around the base plate and can adjust up and down, allowing you to direct the light where you want it. The soft brass color also blends really well with the small brass knob on the nightstand and the brass door knob on the closet.

brass details ashandorange.wordpress.com

brass lights ashandorange.wordpress.com

The cords are the typical clear plastic cord with silver wires inside. They don’t bother me too much, but in the future I may cover or paint them.

brass lights ashandorange.wordpress.com


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