Old Rug New Rug

Part of my office cure project list was to add a rug. After lots of searching for the perfect rug, that was also very cheap, I found a perfect option: the rug in my bedroom. It was very cheap (free) and it works perfectly in the office. We purchased the rug at Target, about a year ago, after the untimely demise of our previous bedroom rug by a sweet dog with a upset stomach.

Criss cross rug in badroom ashandorange.wordpress.com

It worked great in the bedroom. It is very plush and soft. The plushness does go down a bit after walking on it (think old teddy bear), but it still has great weight and feel on your feet. The neutral ivory and gray goes with everything and the rug is a steal at $130.

I like it so much that I considered buying another one for the office. That was until I spotted this amazing rug on Jenny Steffens Hobick’s blog. I would have never considered it from the picture on overstock.com, but the pictures in her blog show how beautiful it really is. It’s neutral with great accents of rust, navy, and lilac gray. I have wanted a persian looking rug for a while but they are always too expensive or my husband and I can’t agree. But everything worked out with this rug. It was under $200 (not bad for a 5×8 wool rug) and both of us really like the pattern and colors.

After some interesting maneuvering to get a 5×7 rug out of a 9×9 room, the criss cross rug found a new home in the office and the persian rug a new home under the bed.

The office:

criss cross rug in office ashandorange.wordpress.com

and the new rug in the bedroom:

persian rug in bedroom ashandorange.wordpress.com

bedroom rug ashandorange.wordpress.com

Our nightstands are a vibrant red-orange laquer. The rust tone in the rug works well with them. My favorite part is the navy blue accents.

Bedroom rug detail ashandorange.wordpress.com

It smells a little chemical-ly but it’s fading. It’s very dense wool and feels nice underfoot. Lucky for me, I have an in-house model to show how comfy the new rug is.dog on rug ashandorange.wordpress.com

Still lots of projects to do in both the office and the bedroom, but it feels good to at least have the rugs done and another project checked off of my office cure list.


Criss cross rug (now in office): Threshold Criss Cross Fleece Rug, 5×7, from Target

Persian Rug: Handmade Treasured Sand Wool Rug, 5×8, from overstock.com

Nightstands: Turned leg nightstand in Vermillion, from West Elm, no longer available (I found one of mine through craigslist)


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