Office Cure Update

I’m halfway through the cure and it’s going well. Some of the cure tasks have not applied to a home office (#7 clean up the kitchen, #8 get ready to host a get together, #9 make a landing strip) but the tasks that can be office-related are getting DONE.

Task #5 was to pick a project off the list I made on day 1. I hope to complete my whole list in the month, but since I had to pick one, I chose painting the trim and installing quarter round along the baseboard. I know that’s technically two but they go hand in hand.

Painting trim always seems easy. It is such a small surface area yet takes forever and leads to very sore wrists. The trim had been painted with a white oil based gloss. It was almost like nail polish: shiny, hard and slick  (i.e. latex paints worst nightmare). I chose to lightly sand it to rough it up, clean it up with some vinegar, then prime with Zinsser Bullseye 1-2-3, finishing with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Advance paint in Super White satin. The paint is the same as I used on my kitchen cabinets. It’s amazing paint. It dries rock hard like oil based paint, but cleans up with soap and water. I love this stuff.

We also installed quarter round. It was a relatively quick and cheap process. It took about 1.5 hours and cost around $15 for the quarter round. It’s a simple detail but really makes the room look finished. We wish we would have done it sooner.


baseboard before

and AFTER:office baseboard after


Onto the next task. #6 Prep artwork for framing and display. I was ahead of the game on this one. I have multiple framed pictures and artworks that just need to be hung up.

Today is task #11: work on your chosen project. My trim painting is done, but the whole office is technically my January project so hopefully I’ll get some more stuff done in there. If not, writing about the office and sharing with the interwebs counts as working on it, right?


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