Laundry Room: Ikea Cabinets

I finally entered a new level in home renovation adventures: Ikea Cabinets.

As with assembling anything from Ikea, there were some curse words. But, it was relatively painless and the end result looks great.

Ikea laundry room cabinets

We chose the Ikea Akrum cabinet frames in white with Applad door and drawer fronts. The Applad is slab door in a white semigloss finish. It’s a really nice finish and fits the simple, clean look we are going for in the laundry room.

Ikea laundry room cabinets

The laundry room is very long and narrow. To maximize the space, we used a carousel corner cabinet and set of drawers on the short side. We left an open space in between the corner cab and the next cabinet, to allow for a space to sit while folding my freshly laundered towels.

Ikea laundry room cabinets

The next cabinet is a door and drawer combo. I planned on using the shelves for holding laundry baskets, and the drawer for small laundry stuff (scissors, lonely socks, etc.)

On the opposite wall, I used a base cabinet, and a 12″ deep, 39″ tall upper cabinet directly on top of the counter.

Laundry room ikea cabinets

I had seen similar set-ups in kitchens that I really liked, so I decided to go with it in the laundry.

The counters are Ikea’s new Akerby countertop. They discontinued my fave Numerar in Oak and Akerby is a close second. The difference between the two is Numerar is solid wood; Akerby is particleboard that is covered with an 1/8″ layer of oak. Having the Numerar in the kitchen, I can not see a huge difference. The Akerby is a tad lighter probably due to the fact that it is prefinished with a hard wax and my Numerar is oiled. Bottomline: They both look really great and are a super cheap wood countertop option.

We still need to add filler pieces (in between the wall and the base cabinets), toe kick, and handles. Those things will really finish off the cabinets. One step closer, a hundred to go…


Cabinets: Ikea Akrum with Applad fronts

Countertops: Ikea Akerby in Oak


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