We Made a Bed

We are currently drowning in laundry room renovations, so I thought why not add another project to the mix? Living in a 90 year old house with no cooling system gets pretty hot in the summer. Especially if two adults (one large, one small) are sharing a full size bed.  As the temps soared, the bed seemed to get smaller and smaller, hotter and hotter. One night at 2 a.m. I decided I had enough. It was time for a queen bed! This plan was riddled with a few problems: 1. Beds are expensive and I am the cheapest person in the world. 2. We live in a house made for tiny people and tiny furniture. Our master bedroom is only 9 feet long. We are limited to a bed with a maximum length of 84 inches in order for the door to open and do special things like walk around it. This greatly diminishes the choices. Many of you are probably thinking, “Why not get a cheap metal frame and just have the mattress and box spring?”. Tiny house wins again, a queen size box spring won’t fit through our tiny hallway and 78″ high door frames. Then I googled, “DIY bed frame”. So many tutorials! My fellow crazy people making their own bed frames. Saving money, risking divorce… seems like a great idea. I drew up some plans, convinced my sleeping partner, bought a lot of 2x4s, and we were in business. The words “Why aren’t we BUYING a bed?!”, were only yelled a few times. Repeatedly answered with “Because I am cheap and insane”. I based my bed frame off of this really nice plan for a West Elm inspired bed on Decor and the Dog blog. I even bought a Kreg mini jig to drill pocket holes. It was very professional. DIY bed frame ashandorange.wordpress.com All in all, it took about half a day, two fights and $45 worth of wood. Totes worth it. (The Kreg jig was an extra $20). DIY bed frame ashandorange.wordpress.com DIY bed frame ashandorange.wordpress.com The raw wood gives that rustic look I am going for. With the lumber stamps adding a graphic touch. I am actually going for something similar to this bed from Restoration Hardware:

Restoration Hardware Parsons Headboard with Bed Skirt

I plan on making a headboard out of a hollow core door, upholstering it with drop cloth, and making a bedskirt that will go directly over the frame out of drop cloth as well. So basically, the insanity continues….


One thought on “We Made a Bed

  1. Chip and I want to make a couch, but it seemed a bit too difficult (and like it included all the risks you mention, ha!). However, your bed turned out so well that I am feeling inspired…

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