Garden in July

I  wanted to give a quick update of how the garden is looking after a couple of months of blazing temps and some TLC from moi.

garden full ashandorange.wordpress.comThe biggest eye catcher is the bright blue from the delphinium and bachelor buttons.  The delphinium is a perennial that came back from last year. The flowers are a true electric blue.


We also had snapdragons come up from seed all around the delphinium in one of the beds. The mix of bright blue, yellow, orange and white is really beautiful.


Speaking of things coming up from seed, the bachelor buttons were very successful. They grew so tall I had to put tomato cages around them for support.

bachelorbutton ashandorange.wordpress.comWe also have lavender, sweet peas, and alyssum growing really well. I planted some parsley and cilantro seeds in the middle bed and small seedlings are just starting to appear.


On the other side of the path, we have squash, cherry tomato, more bachelor buttons and delphinium (can’t get enough blue), and the herb bed with rosemary, basil, thyme, and some rogue bell peppers that came up from seeds in the compost.


The squash plants (also from seeds in the compost) are growing like mad. I planned on putting in a trellis for the squash to grow on. The lone stick in the middle bed is evidence that I started and ended that project in about 30 seconds.

The raised beds have made taking care of the garden really easy. A daily watering and weekly weeding is all it needs. Maybe I have time to work on that trellis after all.


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