Garage Update: Recycled Workbenches

I mentioned we were gearing up for a laundry room renovation when I posted this mood board a few months ago. We started last week by clearing out the area a bit. First on the list, some nasty shelving in the corner of the room.


The shelving has actually been great for storing all of our DIY supplies (and lots of stuff left behind by the previous owner). But our plan is to finish off the space, putting cabinets in that corner and closing off one of the walls.

Hello sledgehammer, goodbye shelving.

Although the shelves were kind of nasty (what isn’t after sitting in a basement for 80 years?) the wood was in good shape, so I decided to reuse it for some workbenches in the garage. The following is photographic proof of how badly this garage needed some sort of organization and storage…



I unfortunately do not have a photo of me trying to use the wobbly patio table and/or grass as a work surface to prove how badly we needed a stable and flat work surface in addition to the aforementioned storage and organization.

The first bench we built is constructed of 2×4’s (some from the shelving, some new) for the frame and shelves from the basement as the middle shelf. For the top we used a piece of MDF from Home Depot. It was around $30 for a 4 ft. x 8 ft. piece that they cut down for us at the store (for free!). The main use for this bench is storage for all the miscellaneous wood that was previously laying on the floor.



For the second bench we used one of our old kitchen cabinets and built the bench onto that. Again, it’s constructed of 2×4’s and the old shelving with an MDF top.

recycled workbench ash and orange

In the end, we used up about 75% of the basement shelf wood, which makes me a lot happier than throwing it in the garbage. We also reused the kitchen cabinet and some of the shelving and file cabinet that were already in the garage. Almost nothing is new! Two thumbs up for reusing and recycling.

Still lots more work to do, mainly clearing the garbage stuffed on the opposite wall, but the workbenches are a great first step towards an organized and useful garage workspace.


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