Raised Bed Garden

Once we put up the garden fence it was time to plant a garden. Last year we planted straight into the ground which worked out okay, but this year we decided to do raised beds, for both the look and the functionality.

Raised bed garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

The beds are a simple frame made from 5 1/2″ wide cedar fence pickets and a piece of cedar 2×4 for the corner braces. We filled them with a mix of native soil, top soil, compost, and peat.

We covered the dirt between the beds with 2-3″ of shredded cedar mulch and soon decided it looked like the world’s largest hamster cage. To break up the large mass of brown we put down a flagstone pathway.

Raised bed garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

Raised bed garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

As for plants:

The small bed nearest the fence is dedicated to herbs (basil, thyme, and rosemary at the moment).

Raised bed garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

In the other beds we have a mix of flowers and veggies. We transplanted lots of delphinium plants that came back from last year. We bought the plants as wedding flowers last spring and planted them in the garden after, so we are happy to see that they joined us again this year.

Raised bed garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

We planted mint in the metal pot, as it has the reputation of quickly taking over a garden.

We have many a volunteer squash coming up throughout the beds. Most likely squash seeds that ended up in the compost. I’m planning on training the squash plant up a trellis to prevent it from taking over the entire bed. I’ll update on how that works out for me.

Raised bed garden ashandorange.wordpress.com

Now that the temps are climbing everything is really starting to grow. Hopefully the beds will fill in nicely with lots of flowers, herbs and veggies to enjoy throughout the summer.


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