Outdoor Updates: Garden Fence

We took advantage of the nice weather the past two weekends to put in a small picket fence to separate our garden from the rest of the yard. More specifically to separate the garden from our plant and compost loving dog.

fence full

The entire fence is cedar. We chose to alternate dog eared and flat top pickets, spaced 2″ apart.

picket detail

Later this spring we hope to replace our privacy fence around the yard (the dilapidated red fence in the background). For the privacy fence we plan on alternating 5″ dog eared pickets and 3.5″ flat top pickets. Hopefully the alternating pickets on the garden fence will complement the future privacy fence.

We plan on topping the all posts with post caps. You can see one cap on the post to the right of the gate. We should have bought 4, because now we can’t find them anywhere. We may buy 4 of these bad boys as a nice replacement.

They are similar to the cap we have just with a little bit of copper on top and more than one available, both positives in my book.

In the next few weeks we hope to put some raised beds in, plant flowers and veggies, and be on our way to enjoying our dog free garden.

fence full 2


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