Sir Karlstad’s new clothes

In preparation for spring Karlstad got some new clothes. I switched out the blekinge white cover for the sivik beige cover (now discontinued, I picked mine up on Ebay).

karlstad sivik beige

We liked the beachy white cover, but it didn’t agree as well with our eternally filthy black dog. Beige hides the dirt much better and we have given up on anything ever hiding dog hair.

You may have noticed that the legs are also darker. Since I had to remove the legs to replace the cover, I gave them a quick hit of stain (General Finishes Gel Stain in Brown Mahogany). One coat gave them a medium brown color, toning down the bright birch that stood out like a sore thumb.

karlstad leg stained ashandorange.wordpress.comAnd a quick review of the Karlstad:

We have had the sectional for about 8 months and we love it. The cushions are firm and have held the shape (my main concern when buying a couch). The option to change the cover is great. The cushion covers are easy to change out and wash, but to remove the body cover you need to completely disassemble the couch which is not as simple.

Overall the Karlstad is an awesome couch and a great value. We liked it before and we like it even more with the new tan.



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