Hutch update

About a year ago, we picked up a mid mod hutch from Craigslist. The seller was insane, the hutch was filthy, but it cost $20 and I really needed a hutch. I put it down as a win. Except for the fact that the other person who lives here hates the hutch.

It has served its purpose but the room needed something bigger and longer. Either a larger hutch or a long credenza. A couple of months ago my mom spotted a mid century-ish dresser at ARC for $22. I brought it home and cleaned it up with my usual Restor-a-finish and feed-n-wax. Put it in the dining room and planned on selling my mod hutch on Craigslist for a huge profit.

But…having just a dresser in the room made me miss the open shelving of the hutch. Where would I display the tea cups I never use?

I entertained the idea of building my own hutch from some Ana White directions, but that’s a little too intense for me. I said goodbye to my big dreams of selling my hutch on Craigslist for millions of dollars, separated the top from the bottom and popped the old top on the new dresser. Insta-hutch.


And  I kind of like it. Keyword “kind of”. I will probably keep searching Craigslist for a hutch top or a new hutch all together. But for now I’m happy with my hybrid hutch dresser.


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