The Nook

Like many 1920s bungalows, we have a small 5 x 5 room (I call it a nook) attached to our kitchen. When it came time to redo the kitchen, we considered removing the wall and making the nook part of the kitchen proper. But I am a sucker for old time charm and the just like the original upper cabinets, the nook, with its cute little archway and awkward space won me over (mainly the archway).

nook archway

I wanted to make the nook slightly distinct from the rest of the kitchen to avoid it looking like an odd continuation of the main kitchen. I knew I needed to include countertop space, something severely lacking in our small kitchen, and some extra storage.

To avoid the countertop extending out beyond the doorway I used 22″ deep cabinets instead of standard 24″ lower cabinets. The space consists of a single cabinet and a 3 drawer unit with a space in the middle designed to fit our kitchen cart. Our kitchen is much too small for an island but the kitchen cart functions like one while cooking and then rolls right back into its space when we’re done.

Instead of using dark cherry lowers as I did in the kitchen, I chose to do all white in the nook. Helping it to not look like a bad continuation of the kitchen lowers. The cabinets are also spaced a few inches from the wall, for even more distinction.

I love butcher block countertops especially on islands, but again…no island, so I chose to use butcher block in the nook. We used Ikea Numerar in Oak, simply sanded and oiled using a few coats of tung oil.

shakercabinets in nook


I contemplated using upper cabinets but decided on open shelving. We used 1 x 12 pine boards sanded and painted white with  Ikea Ekby Valter brackets also painted white. The shelves provide a nice spot for the microwave and large serving dishes.


I’m really happy with how the nook turned out.  It gave us a chance to do some things (countertop, open shelves) differently than in the rest of the kitchen and adds some unique character to this batty old lady we call a house.


Cabinets: UltraCraft Cabinetry, Destiny Line, Shaker Style, in Arctic White Maple

Countertops: Ikea Numerar in Oak

Kitchen Cart: Ikea Bekvam painted with Behr Spring Stream

Shelf Brackets: Ikea Ekby Valter 11″ in birch painted white


2 thoughts on “The Nook

  1. Hi there, very late to this party, but I’m perusing butcher block online since I am about to embark on an IKEA butcher block counter top installation, and I just want to say that yours are gorgeous! And I very much appreciate your desire to keep the arch…and the nook. I’m a sucker for charm, too. Now I need to go hunt for the rest of your kitchen!

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