A couple of months ago when it was still sunny and warm, and fun to paint outside I did a little makeover on the bench that had been sitting on our front porch for over a year, neglected and sad.

I found this bench at the local ARC for $15 last summer. It needed some love but I was up to the challenge, or would be in 380 days. It was made in Mexico according to a little wooden tag hanging off the back, and it has lots of great little details. My favorite is the hand carved detailing on the back.

As I always do, I first planned to sand it down and stain and seal the wood. But, after sanding down the chipping finish the bench was looking pretty rough and I decided to paint the bench instead.

I filled in some of the rough parts with wood filler, sanded again, and then gave everything a coat of Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer.

The house has dark green trim and a blue front door, so I wanted the bench to complement both. I decided on Martha Stewart Geyser, a pale blue-green with a little gray. The color came out a little brighter and cheery than I wanted (deep dark soul writing here).

After two coats of Geyser, I went over it with some thinned out brown paint to bring out the hand carved details and tone down the light blue a little bit. I painted on the thin brown paint, and then rubbed it off with a damp cloth, leaving brown color only in the nooks and crannies.

It brightens up our front porch quite nicely.

I meant to make a cushion for it…next summer.


Mexican wood bench: Thrifted at ARC

Paint: Glidden paint sample in Martha Stewart Geyser


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