Kitchen details: The Countertops

There are a bajillion choices when it comes to countertops, and anything was going to be better than the crumbling laminate that sat upon crumbling cabinets when we moved in.

After mulling through lots of choices I decided on Silestone Quartz. It’s hard, it’s shiny, I liked all the pretty colors and you can save the color samples as coasters. Actual serious decision making stuff: it is scratch resistant, non-porous, and resistant to stains and scorches. So if I would like to butcher a chicken, cook it and place the hot-as-fire pot on the countertop, I would not have to worry about Salmonella in my countertop, scratches from the knife or a scorch mark from the pan. Miracle surface! I’ll let you know when I try this scenario out.

As far as color, I had decided on Bamboo and then changed my mind last minute to Ivory Coast. They are both primarily beige with flecks of browns and whites.

Silestone is offered with couple of choices as far as thickness. We had a choice of 2 cm or 4 cm. I was afraid 4 cm would be too bulky (most countertops are 3 cm) but it looks great. It is actually a 2 cm thick slab with 2 cm edge laminated on to achieve a thicker look and the seam is barely noticeable. We chose an eased edge, which is a straight edge that is very slightly rounded at the top. We used Home Depot because they had a 10% off discount that week.

We ordered it, some men came and installed it, I watched them almost break it in half and paint get scratched off the door jams and walls. But at the end of the day we had gorgeous new sparkly quartz countertops.


And although I have not tried out the “chicken cutting and hot pan” scenario yet, they have held up great over the past 6 months. No scratches, scorches or chips and we are very happy with them.

If you are really good you may have noticed that there are now doors on the original upper cabinets. More details on that later this week.


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