Oh Ottava

Adding to our beautiful collection of Ikea items, Ottava joins Numerar, Karlstad, Grundtal, Bekvam and many others with names I cannot pronounce nor spell.

The back stairwell is still a work in progress, and the latest project was to replace the light fixture. The old fixture was simply a socket that took a single light bulb. Being that the light was 14 feet in the air and required an extension ladder to access, it would burn out approximately every 3 weeks. Making for a week of darkness and finally lots of work to change the light. (I consider carrying a ladder 20 feet from the garage to the stairwell and unscrewing a light lots of work).

Solution: Change the socket out for a new pendant light that would hang down low enough that one could access the light with a regular ladder. This solution had been in my head since the first time the light burned out, but I had not given it much attention until one fortunate afternoon at good ole IKEA.

While turning all the lights on and off in the lighting department (very entertaining) I saw Ottava in all her steel $29.99 glory. I took her home and then left her to sit for months while we gathered motivation to actually install her.

Motivation came when the light burned out, followed by a week of darkness and a pending housewarming party. Out came the extension ladder and after cutting through 8000 layers of paint and removing Mr. Socket fixture we we’re left with this:

What has become the usual and unwelcome sight in this house upon removal of any light: old school cloth wrapped wire. The temperamental wire turns a simple and quick light fixture installation into a multiple hour, expletive filled ordeal. So after a couple hours, few expletives and 1 trip to the hardware store, Ottava was up.

Yes, the ceiling is that dirty and the light is not flush to the ceiling. We’re going to figure something out to solve that issue.  As I said, work in progress.


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