Peeling paint

It all started like this…

Labor day morning I was asked, “What do you want to do today?”, giving an instant response of “Let’s put the old cabinet doors up!” A simple task for a relaxing labor day…not so fast.

We got the overly complicated hinges installed in pretty good time, and were fast on track to national holiday relaxation. Then this happened…

Yes, that is my inquisitive little hand peeling the paint off of the cabinets.

After getting the door installed, I thought, “Hey let’s give these a spritz of my fav lavender scented hippy cleaner and a good wipe down”, that turned into “Holy #$@* the paint is coming off in sheets”. I knew the paint job wasn’t great and would have to be redone in the near future, but never expected it to come off in huge sheets without the use of any major chemicals.

So I spent the next two hours peeling the paint off, sanding, cleaning, and priming. When in doubt, always prime before you paint and save yourself a paint peeling experience. It’s really only fun for about 10 minutes.

On the bright side: The paint came off without the use of major chemicals, I learned not to use Method All Purpose cleaner on badly painted surfaces (in future: any painted surface), and everyone gets to see the pickled oak! Good things all around.

Hoping to get the cabinets painted by the end of the week. Wish me luck.


Paint stripper: Method All Purpose cleaner in lavender and my fingers

Peeling paint: Glidden Satin in off the shelf White


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