Kitchen details – the cabinets

Our kitchen redo was a massive project (at least to us) and I feel like I can write about 3 million posts about it or one incredibly long one. I choose 3 million to spare my faithful readers (all 2 of you) and give me something to blog about over the winter when I am too cold to paint random things in the backyard.

This first kitchen post will revolve around the cabinets. Cabinets were the most expensive item and made the largest difference in the space. When we moved in there were cabinets on one side of the kitchen. The upper cabinets were original to the house and I could see their beauty despite the pickled pink stain (it was bad), so we kept them. The lower cabinets and drawers were the worst thing on earth. The doors did not close, the drawers were miniscule and could not even fit a flatware organizer (gotta love first world problems), so they were ripped out in a fury of demolition. Not too much of a fury being that they now reside in the garage.

Onto the new cabinets…We chose UltraCraft Cabinets because they are a frameless construction. Ikea is probably the most famous for this type of construction where the frame does not show; all you see is the cabinet door or drawers. We wanted to match the original upper cabinets and UltraCraft’s shaker frameless cab was the best non-custom match in our minds.

Original 1920s shaker cabinets after a coat of white satin paint

I love all white kitchens but while shopping for cabinets and seeing all the beautiful wood choices I decided to mix it up and do painted white upper cabinets with dark and rich cherry lower cabinets and drawers.

The upper cabinets are 45″ tall so they reach all the way to the ceiling, same as the originals, and provide a huge amount of storage. On the stove side of the kitchen (formerly just a lonely stove on a wall) we added a 12″ wide cabinet with a drawer to the left if the stove, and a 9″ pull out spice rack and angled cabinet to the right.

On the opposite side we kept the original uppers and for the new lowers we did a cabinet under the sink with a tilt down drawer to store all kinds of fun things that are no more than 1″ sq. in size. Needless to say, I wouldn’t pay the extra money for a tilt down again. To the left of the sink cabinet we added a set of 3 huge drawers 36″ wide. They are amazing and wonderful and serve as a happy home for pots and pans, silverware and a lot of other junk.

All the drawers are full extension and soft close. Soft close is not a huge deal for me, but the full extension is great.

As for the original cabinets…The doors are currently sitting in the dining room. We removed them in order to put in new concealed hinges to better match the new cabinets. That was 6 months ago…we’ll get them up someday.

So that’s the cabinets. More kitchen info to come.

Details about the details:

Cabinets: UltraCraft Cabinetry, Destiny Line, Shaker Style, in Arctic White Maple (painted uppers) and Chestnut Cherry (lowers)

Paint: Wall color – Glidden Antique Beige in Satin


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