Hook it up…again

We’re going hook crazy around here! I believe this stems from a deluded notion that if there’s a hook nearby I will not throw jacket, purse, towel, insert any hangable item here, etc. on the floor or counter. I would estimate a 40% success rate,  I like to leave room for improvement.

This episode of Hook it up takes place in the back stairwell. The blank space to the left of the door was an ideal space for some hooks. In the past 90 years, someone had hung something there and ripped it down, and then done a hack job plastering, followed by hanging some more stuff, which I ripped down. Thus, it was a great oppurtunity to cover up a tiny bit of the unsightly space and have a place to hang things next to the door.

Due to my obsession with pinteresting (new verb), I have the strong desire to build something out of a pallet or some sort of really crappy old wood. I have a pallet that has sat in the basement for approximately 6 months, but why use that when it can sit in the basement for another year? So I grabbed a piece of nasty old wood from the rafters of our garage (I believe it had a former life as part of a fence and a home for spiders). I cut it to size, wiped off the spider webs, sanded with a medium grit sanding block, blasted it with the hose to remove 20 years of dirt and possible spider babies, let it dry overnight, and sealed with one coat of satin polycrylic.

“Reclaimed wood” before polycrylic and the addition of hooks

Once the polycrylic was dry and I had a helper, we attached it to the wall with two heavy duty masonry screws (we plan on hanging very heavy things from our fancy “reclaimed wood” hook rail).

Then I attached the hooks. I chose these beauties from Target. The ORB finish is really pretty and they are a steal at around $3 for a pack of 2. I used the body of the hook to cover the masonry screw heads. You can see a tiny bit of the silver screw poking out behind the far hook in the picture.

And from afar…

Pretty good for $6 and an hour of work.

Will there be a Hook it up part 3? Stay tuned…


Wood: Filthy rescued lumber sealed with Minwax Polycrylic in satin

Hooks: Target Home single prong robe hook 2-pack in oil rubbed bronze

Wall color: Behr Premium Plus Flat in Light Incense


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