Sir Karlstad

We finally pulled the trigger and bought a new couch! For two people who love to stretch out on the couch and watch highly intellectual television such as Real Housewives and Storage Wars the 80″ sofa I had hoarded since college was cramping our style, literally.

After a year of indecision we finally wandered over to Ikea, fighting mobs of rabid suburbanites, and ended up with this beauty packed into our SUV like a well played game of Tetris.

Pretty much everyone in the blogosphere has this couch (YHL, Manhattan Nest, and the list goes on and on and on). The lines are nice and modern, the cushions are firm, and it seems to hold up well over time. It also has an amazing price when compared to other couches and sectionals in particular.

We were very happy little Ikea loving clams, and then we had to assemble it…

Oh thank you little Ikea blob man, the question mark floating above your head and arrow pointing back to an Ikea store is very reassuring…

Our living room soon became a mass of boxes, covers, and poorly written (drawn) Ikea directions. But after a couple hours, and a tiny bit of fighting (if you can assemble or install a piece of Ikea furniture without divorce you are in good shape as a couple) we got it put together.

Side note: I recommend removing your old couch from your narrow 1920s living room before assembling a much larger sectional in said room…this might have lead to some of the bit of fighting.

And here he is in all his modular furniture glory…I introduce to you Sir Karlstad of Ikea.

We went with the blekinge white cover since it was the cheapest and I was thinking a possibly making a new slipcover for the couch. But, I actually really like the white cover, and it all comes off and can be machine washed. So we will live with the white for a while. We’re also planning on changing out the preschool wood block legs, as many people have done. I’ll keep you posted on any changes.

As always some details:

Sectional: Karlstad loveseat+chaise lounge add on (blekinge white cover)

Pillows: Oatmeal pillows: handmade by my wonderful seamstress/mom, Blue pillows: Target covers (circa 2010) and down inserts

Coffee table: Free on craigslist, refinished by moi

Rug: West Elm Desert Weave Jute Rug in Agate


2 thoughts on “Sir Karlstad

  1. Hello!
    I would like to buy a Karlstad sofa in white. I love it for his wood legs, his firm cushions! But I have an one year old child and I’m really scared about the white color and stains… Moreover, I would like to know if the color could run from a cloth (ex: jeans) into the couch and if you can wash it easily without damage the cover.
    Thank you!

  2. Hello! The white cover is 100% cotton and is easy to wash. The cushion covers are just zippered covers and come off really easy. The arm and back covers can also be removed, but you have to detach the arms from the couch and that takes some work. I found that some stains (for example chocolate) did not come out of the cover easily in the wash. We don’t have a one year old child, but we do have a messy dog that lounges on the couch, we cover the couch with blankets and take them off when company comes. This tends to keep the cover clean and looking great. Hope that helps answer some of your questions!

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