Step by Step

This is not a tribute to the wonderful 90s comedy, it’s literally a post about steps. To be exact, our back stairs leading to the back yard and basement.

When we moved in about a year ago the stairs were covered in a lovely cat pee scented berber. Needless to say we quickly ripped that up revealing a gorgeous mix of filthy wood and 1930s linoleum.

Filthy wood

…and 30s linoleum

The original plan (aka pipe dream) was to remove the linoleum where needed, refinish the wood treads, paint the risers white, and do a cheery jig up and down my fantastic new stairs. I soon realized the wood was not in any condition to be refinished and that I had no desire to tear up the linoleum that was stuck onto the treads with a god-knows-what tar concoction. My plan switched to painting the treads which led to some very serious googling andĀ pinterest research. Finally deciding on pale warm gray treads and bright white risers.

After some major cleaning, staple pulling, hole filling, sanding, priming, sanding, and painting…




The stairs are in pretty bad condition so this is a great temporary solution to make them look A LOT nicer. The bottom set of stairs (pictured above) still needs some trim between each tread and riser, to make them look perfect and finished. I’ve already done this on the top set of stairs (pictured below). Behold the amazingness…


Primer: Kilz Original oil based (says not to use on floors, but I’m a rebel)

Riser and trim paint: Glidden Satin in White

Tread: Behr Premium Plus Flat in Fashion Gray (perfect pale warm gray)

Walls: Behr Premium Plus Flat in Light Incense (pale butter yellow)


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